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Welcome to our website. Polish pharmacy online. Your favorite drug within easy reach. We are online pharmacy which deals with Polish DISTRIBUTION drugs, dietary supplements, medical equipment and cosmetics to all EU countries and the USA. In our offer you will find a wide range of Polish drugs, herbs and teas, as well as dietary supplements and high-end cosmetics company Vichy, Eveline, KOLASTYNA, NIVEALAZIONE. Our online pharmacy makes it easy to access to medicines for Polish border. We offer a wide range of Polish drugs, probiotics, vitamins, the common cold, the pain, the care of the skin, hair and nails, the resistance, the heart and cardiovascular system at an attractive price. You also can find all sorts of ointments, gels and creams. Exclusively sells drugs on the internet, in collaboration with Lakshmi, which also deals with the sale site mostly cosmetics, but also offering Polish medicines in the UK. Our fi rma doing everything possible to provide you with the highest level of the supplied manual. We believe that good Polish pharmacy in the UK is valuable. Uk pharmacy offering Polish medicines without a prescription and express delivery to your home. Please refer intend to August with our ofeta. Health and beauty only with us

Featured products

Libero - Sleep Tight 9 22 - 37 kg. Pieluchy na noc dla starszych dzieci, 14 sztuk.

Pieluchy polecane dla dzieci o wadze 22 - 37 kg. które maja problem z moczeniem się w nocy.

Czystek - SOK z Czystka, 500 ml. AlterMedica

Wykazuje działanie antyoksydacyjne i przeciwwirusowe, niezastąpiony w trakcie przeziębienia i osłabienia organizmu.

Pranosin - SYROP, 150 ml. (zamiennik Neosine)

SYROP przeciwwirusowy dla dzieci po 1 roku życia i dorosłych.